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GNOME Keysign is a tool to make signing OpenPGP keys as easy as possible.
This is the v0.9 release which makes use of Glade based widgets and fixes
a few important bugs.

You can get the app from:



  • Widgets are now loaded from Glade files instead of
    created from Python code

  • The key downloader returns bytes rather than strings

  • Keyserver: Now using application/pgp-keys as MIME type

  • Barcode scanner: Removed GStreamer<1.6 compatibility

  • Barcode scanner: Moved to gtksink for reducing code
    and increasing compatibility with running in a VM

  • Barcode scanner: Moved to autovideosrc

  • Barcode scanner: Stopped logging every single message

  • ScalingImage: Respecting the height when calculating the scale

  • KeysPage: Renamed signals to match Gtk convention more closely

  • Make it find the relevant key faster by ordering the list
    of servers before attempting to download


Download: https://github.com/GNOME-Keysign/gnome-keysign/archive/0.9.tar.gz
Web site: https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeKeysign