Improved memcached-tool on Python and PHP.
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The improved memcached-tool on PHP, Python.

New advantages in comparison with default tool are:

  • display mode shows all slabs not only slabs with keys
  • display mode also shows percent of wasted memory in chunks
  • dump mode doesn't trigger deletion of expired keys
  • New removeexp mode triggers deletion of expired keys
  • New dumpkeys mode only shows key names
  • dump and dumpkeys modes show expiration status: expired, never expired or how many seconds are left
  • New sizes mode groups keys by size and shows percent of wasted memory in chunks
  • New settings mode shows memcached setting during startup


PHP 5.3 or Python 2.6


python <host[:port] | /path/to/socket> [mode]
python localhost:11211 display    # shows slabs information (display is default mode)
python localhost:11211 dumpkeys   # dumps only keys names and their expiration status
python localhost:11211 dump       # dumps keys and values, values only for non expired keys
python localhost:11211 removeexp  # remove expired keys (you may need run several times)
python localhost:11211 settings   # shows memcached settings
python localhost:11211 sizes      # group keys by sizes and show how many we waste memory
python localhost:11211 stats      # shows general stats

Warning! dumpkeys, dump, removeexp and sizes modes will lock up your cache! It iterates over every item and examines the size. While the operation is fast, if you have many items you could prevent memcached from serving requests for several seconds.

Warning! dump and removeexp modes influence on memcached internal statistic like expired_unfetched, get_hits, get_misses and many others. So we recommend only use it for debugging purposes.