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The Gnome Interface plugin does some simple things to make managing and editing your Joomla site easier. As new features are added, the plugin is updated, but improvements include a quick dropdown list when setting module positions and a slightly tweaked article edit layout. You are able to toggle various selections to your preferences. If you have ideas or suggestions please let us know and we'll consider adding a tweak, just add a ticket here in github.


  • Tweaks the article edit layout, especially suited for laptops or smaller screens to move the edit box higher on the page.
  • Allows you to set the default filters used in the Joomla module position selector box. It sounds confusing, but it is not.
  • Adds the dropdown box of used module position names for quickly adding them without opening and finding a module name.
  • Joomla 1.7+


To install first download the file from here if you have not already. Then log into the administrator and go to the Extensions menu->Install/Uninstall. From this spot you can install the plugin by clicking Browse and locating the file. Then click Upload and Install. It will install the plugin by default as disabled. So you need to go to the Extensions->Plugin Manager area and locate the new plugin called 'System - Gnome Interface Tweaks' and click on the title. Here you can edit the settings.


This is released under GPL v3.


We don't really provide support for this, if you have a problem though you should submit a ticket in github. Otherwise feel free to customize and adapt. If you make changes or improvements, let us know so we can update these too! If you can provide a translation, that would be greatly appreciated!



1.1 - 26 Sept, 2011 - Added a tweak for the article edit layout page to show the editor higher, renamed plugin 1.0.2 - 18 Sept, 2011 - Fixed quick list, now pulls in all positions from default template, reorders add module window so they are in two columns instead of floated side by side 1.0.1 - 12 Sept, 2011 - Added Greek, Swedish translations 1.0 - 9 Sept, 2011 - Initial launch

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