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/* The Ebb Web Server
* Copyright (c) 2008 Ry Dahl. This software is released under the MIT
* License. See README file for details.
#ifndef ebb_h
#define ebb_h
#include <ev.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include "parser.h"
typedef struct ebb_server ebb_server;
typedef struct ebb_client ebb_client;
#define EBB_VERSION "0.1.0"
#define EBB_BUFFERSIZE (1024 * (80 + 33))
#define EBB_MAX_CLIENTS 1024
#define EBB_TIMEOUT 30.0
#define EBB_MAX_ENV 500
#define EBB_TCP_COMMON \
unsigned open : 1; \
int fd; \
struct sockaddr_in sockaddr;
/*** Ebb Client ***/
void ebb_client_close(ebb_client*);
/* user MUST call this function on each client passed by the request_cb */
void ebb_client_release(ebb_client*);
int ebb_client_read(ebb_client *client, char *buffer, int length);
void ebb_client_write_status(ebb_client*, int status, const char *human_status);
void ebb_client_write_header(ebb_client*, const char *field, const char *value);
void ebb_client_write_body(ebb_client*, const char *data, int length);
struct ebb_env_item {
int type;
const char *field;
int field_length;
const char *value;
int value_length;
struct ebb_client {
unsigned int in_use : 1;
ebb_server *server;
http_parser parser;
char *request_buffer;
ev_io read_watcher;
size_t read, nread_from_body;
char *upload_filename;
FILE *upload_file;
ev_io write_watcher;
GString *response_buffer;
size_t written;
ev_timer timeout_watcher;
unsigned int keep_alive : 1;
unsigned int status_written : 1;
unsigned int headers_written : 1;
unsigned int body_written : 1;
/* the ENV structure */
int env_size;
struct ebb_env_item env[EBB_MAX_ENV];
/*** Ebb Server ***/
typedef void (*ebb_request_cb)(ebb_client*, void*);
ebb_server* ebb_server_alloc(void);
void ebb_server_free(ebb_server*);
void ebb_server_init( ebb_server *server
, struct ev_loop *loop
, ebb_request_cb request_cb
, void *request_cb_data
int ebb_server_listen_on_fd(ebb_server*, const int sfd);
int ebb_server_listen_on_port(ebb_server*, const int port);
int ebb_server_listen_on_socket(ebb_server*, const char *socketpath);
void ebb_server_unlisten(ebb_server*);
struct ebb_server {
char *port;
char *socketpath;
ev_io request_watcher;
ebb_client clients[EBB_MAX_CLIENTS];
struct ev_loop *loop;
void *request_cb_data;
ebb_request_cb request_cb;
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