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/* A ruby binding to the ebb web server
* Copyright (c) 2008 Ry Dahl. This software is released under the MIT
* License. See README file for details.
#include <ruby.h>
#include <rubyio.h>
#include <rubysig.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <ebb.h>
#include <ev.h>
static VALUE cClient;
static VALUE global_fragment;
static VALUE global_path_info;
static VALUE global_query_string;
static VALUE global_request_body;
static VALUE global_request_method;
static VALUE global_request_path;
static VALUE global_request_uri;
static VALUE global_server_port;
static VALUE global_http_accept;
static VALUE global_http_connection;
static VALUE global_http_content_length;
static VALUE global_http_content_type;
static VALUE global_http_content_type;
static VALUE global_http_prefix;
static VALUE global_http_version;
/* You don't want to run more than one server per Ruby VM. Really
* I'm making this explicit by not defining a Ebb::Server class but instead
* initializing a single server and single event loop on module load.
static ebb_server *server;
struct ev_loop *loop;
struct ev_idle idle_watcher;
/* Variables with a leading underscore are C-level variables */
#define ASCII_UPPER(ch) ('a' <= ch && ch <= 'z' ? ch - 'a' + 'A' : ch)
# define RSTRING_PTR(s) (RSTRING(s)->ptr)
# define RSTRING_LEN(s) (RSTRING(s)->len)
static void attach_idle_watcher()
if(!ev_is_active(&idle_watcher)) {
ev_idle_start (loop, &idle_watcher);
static void detach_idle_watcher()
ev_idle_stop(loop, &idle_watcher);
static int clients_in_use_p()
int i;
for(i = 0; i < EBB_MAX_CLIENTS; i++)
if(server->clients[i].in_use) return TRUE;
return FALSE;
void request_cb(ebb_client *client, void *data)
VALUE waiting_clients = (VALUE)data;
VALUE rb_client = Data_Wrap_Struct(cClient, 0, 0, client);
rb_ary_push(waiting_clients, rb_client);
VALUE server_listen_on_fd(VALUE _, VALUE sfd)
if(ebb_server_listen_on_fd(server, FIX2INT(sfd)) < 0)
rb_sys_fail("Problem listening on FD");
return Qnil;
VALUE server_listen_on_port(VALUE _, VALUE port)
if(ebb_server_listen_on_port(server, FIX2INT(port)) < 0)
rb_sys_fail("Problem listening on port");
return Qnil;
static void
idle_cb (struct ev_loop *loop, struct ev_idle *w, int revents) {
if(clients_in_use_p()) {
} else if(!rb_thread_alone()) {
/* if you have another long running thread running besides the ones used
* for the webapp's requests you will run into performance problems in
* ruby 1.8.x because rb_thread_select is slow.
* (Don't worry - you're probably not doing this.)
struct timeval select_timeout = { tv_sec: 0, tv_usec: 50000 };
fd_set server_fd_set;
FD_SET(server->fd, &server_fd_set);
rb_thread_select(server->fd+1, &server_fd_set, 0, 0, &select_timeout);
} else {
VALUE server_process_connections(VALUE _)
ev_loop(loop, EVLOOP_ONESHOT);
return Qnil;
VALUE server_unlisten(VALUE _)
return Qnil;
VALUE server_open(VALUE _)
return server->open ? Qtrue : Qfalse;
VALUE env_field(struct ebb_env_item *item)
if(item->field) {
VALUE f = rb_str_new(NULL, RSTRING_LEN(global_http_prefix) + item->field_length);
memcpy( RSTRING_PTR(f)
, RSTRING_PTR(global_http_prefix)
, RSTRING_LEN(global_http_prefix)
int i;
for(i = 0; i < item->field_length; i++) {
char *ch = RSTRING_PTR(f) + RSTRING_LEN(global_http_prefix) + i;
*ch = item->field[i] == '-' ? '_' : ASCII_UPPER(item->field[i]);
return f;
switch(item->type) {
case MONGREL_ACCEPT: return global_http_accept;
case MONGREL_CONNECTION: return global_http_connection;
case MONGREL_CONTENT_LENGTH: return global_http_content_length;
case MONGREL_CONTENT_TYPE: return global_http_content_type;
case MONGREL_FRAGMENT: return global_fragment;
case MONGREL_HTTP_VERSION: return global_http_version;
case MONGREL_QUERY_STRING: return global_query_string;
case MONGREL_REQUEST_METHOD: return global_request_method;
case MONGREL_REQUEST_PATH: return global_request_path;
case MONGREL_REQUEST_URI: return global_request_uri;
fprintf(stderr, "Unknown environ type: %d", item->type);
return Qnil;
VALUE env_value(struct ebb_env_item *item)
if(item->value_length > 0)
return rb_str_new(item->value, item->value_length);
return Qnil;
VALUE client_env(VALUE _, VALUE rb_client)
ebb_client *client;
VALUE field, value, env = rb_hash_new();
int i;
Data_Get_Struct(rb_client, ebb_client, client);
for(i=0; i < client->env_size; i++) {
field = env_field(&client->env[i]);
value = env_value(&client->env[i]);
rb_hash_aset(env, field, value);
rb_hash_aset(env, global_server_port, rb_str_new2(client->server->port));
rb_hash_aset(env, global_path_info, rb_hash_aref(env, global_request_path));
return env;
VALUE client_read_input(VALUE _, VALUE client, VALUE size)
ebb_client *_client;
GString *_string;
VALUE string;
int _size = FIX2INT(size);
Data_Get_Struct(client, ebb_client, _client);
string = rb_str_buf_new( _size );
int nread = ebb_client_read(_client, RSTRING_PTR(string), _size);
RSTRING(string)->len = nread;
rb_str_set_len(string, nread);
if(nread < 0)
rb_raise(rb_eRuntimeError,"There was a problem reading from input (bad tmp file?)");
if(nread == 0)
return Qnil;
return string;
VALUE client_write_status(VALUE _, VALUE client, VALUE status, VALUE human_status)
ebb_client *_client;
Data_Get_Struct(client, ebb_client, _client);
ebb_client_write_status(_client, FIX2INT(status), StringValuePtr(human_status));
return Qnil;
VALUE client_write_header(VALUE _, VALUE client, VALUE field, VALUE value)
ebb_client *_client;
Data_Get_Struct(client, ebb_client, _client);
ebb_client_write_header(_client, StringValuePtr(field), StringValuePtr(value));
return Qnil;
VALUE client_write_body(VALUE _, VALUE client, VALUE string)
ebb_client *_client;
Data_Get_Struct(client, ebb_client, _client);
ebb_client_write_body(_client, RSTRING_PTR(string), RSTRING_LEN(string));
return Qnil;
VALUE client_release(VALUE _, VALUE rb_client)
ebb_client *client;
Data_Get_Struct(rb_client, ebb_client, client);
return Qnil;
void Init_ebb_ext()
VALUE mEbb = rb_define_module("Ebb");
VALUE mFFI = rb_define_module_under(mEbb, "FFI");
rb_define_const(mEbb, "VERSION", rb_str_new2(EBB_VERSION));
/** Defines global strings in the init method. */
#define DEF_GLOBAL(N, val) global_##N = rb_obj_freeze(rb_str_new2(val)); rb_global_variable(&global_##N)
DEF_GLOBAL(path_info, "PATH_INFO");
DEF_GLOBAL(query_string, "QUERY_STRING");
DEF_GLOBAL(request_body, "REQUEST_BODY");
DEF_GLOBAL(request_method, "REQUEST_METHOD");
DEF_GLOBAL(request_path, "REQUEST_PATH");
DEF_GLOBAL(request_uri, "REQUEST_URI");
DEF_GLOBAL(server_port, "SERVER_PORT");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_accept, "HTTP_ACCEPT");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_connection, "HTTP_CONNECTION");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_content_length, "HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_content_type, "HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_prefix, "HTTP_");
DEF_GLOBAL(http_version, "HTTP_VERSION");
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "server_process_connections", server_process_connections, 0);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "server_listen_on_fd", server_listen_on_fd, 1);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "server_listen_on_port", server_listen_on_port, 1);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "server_unlisten", server_unlisten, 0);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "server_open?", server_open, 0);
cClient = rb_define_class_under(mEbb, "Client", rb_cObject);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_read_input", client_read_input, 2);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_write_status", client_write_status, 3);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_write_header", client_write_header, 3);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_write_body", client_write_body, 2);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_env", client_env, 1);
rb_define_singleton_method(mFFI, "client_release", client_release, 1);
/* initialize ebb_server */
loop = ev_default_loop (0);
ev_idle_init (&idle_watcher, idle_cb);
server = ebb_server_alloc();
VALUE waiting_clients = rb_ary_new();
rb_iv_set(mFFI, "@waiting_clients", waiting_clients);
ebb_server_init(server, loop, request_cb, (void*)waiting_clients);
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