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fix manpage - add -f option

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6 fcgiwrap.8
@@ -28,6 +28,12 @@ that may need it).
.B \-c \fInumber\fP
Number of fcgiwrap processes to prefork.
+.B \-f
+Redirect STDERR output from executed CGI through FastCGI so it shows in the web server
+error log. Otherwise it would be returned on \fBfcgiwrap\fP's STDERR, which could be redirected.
+If running through \fBspawn-fcgi\fP, \fBfcgiwrap\fP's STDERR is sent to /dev/null, so this option
+provides a way to get that output back.
.B \-s \fIsocket_url\fP
A URL for the listen socket to bind to. By default \fBfcgiwrap\fP expects
a listen socket to be passed on file descriptor 0, matching the FastCGI convention.
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