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Hi Grzegorz,

This is a small pull request to fix some dangling issues, including an error that I introduced with the last pull request. Apologies for that.

I'd also like to ask if you have any plans in the near future to do another release of fcgiwrap. I'd feel more comfortable packaging a tag than a git snapshot (for Arch Linux). That said, don't feel compelled to do a release just for me.


falconindy added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@falconindy falconindy simplify build rule for fcgiwrap
Add flags and libraries to the respective environment vars and let make
figure out the order on its own. This provides support for unmentioned
vars such as LDFLAGS implicitly, as the compilation rule isn't
explicitly defined.
@falconindy falconindy Makefile.in: define dummy datarootdir variable
This suppresses a warning on ./configure for a directory which fcgiwrap
does not use:

  config.status: WARNING:  'Makefile.in' seems to ignore the --datarootdir
@falconindy falconindy Correct invalid defintion in configuring systemd support
This was an unfortunate copypasta error that slipped in with 9836d6d.
The HAVE_SYSTEMD macro should only be defined based on the presence of
the library, not the unit files, since the units are useless without the
library support.

Well, you can probably see that fcgiwrap is pretty much a finished project with not much to add to it ;) I guess I can make a point release gathering all the patches.

Still, I want fcgiwrap not to try to find the right files but rely on script_filename and path_info from the web server instead. That's much cleaner for basically all environments (except the one fcgiwrap was created for), so I guess I can live with an option and give the world a better interface ;)

I'm attending a conference next week and that's a good place to get things done, so I just might make two fcgiwrap releases: "stable" with the patches so far and "experimental" also including the change above.

@gnosek gnosek merged commit b9f03e6 into gnosek:master Sep 9, 2012
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