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‼️UPDATE: The Gnosis Ecosystem Fund was discontinued. Projects can now directly apply for funding through the GnosisDAO

Creating an environment where ambitious teams can expand and shape the blockchain ecosystem towards a redistributed future.

The Gnosis Ecosystem Fund empowers teams to drive the global adoption of decentralized applications by leveraging the full potential of Gnosis' products and protocols. Our mission is to create a collaborative environment where ambitious projects can expand and shape the Ethereum ecosystem.

We provide selected applicants with funding, mentoring, and outreach support to help them activate and engage with the community around their project. Our team also offers resources to onboard students and developers new to decentralized technologies. To us, developing the community means investing in diverse talent with a variety of interests and backgrounds.

We welcome you to explore a diverse range of topics, such as tooling, infrastructure, and research, that fall in line with the products we're building at Gnosis. Are you enthusiastic about building modules and integrations for our products, enhancing user experience, or passionate about new market mechanisms and governance.

Well, this is your opportunity to #BUIDL!

To reach our goal of a decentralized future, it is imperative that we support developers who want to build on distributed platforms. We believe that the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund will bring us one step closer to the redistributed future we’re imagining!

What kind of projects are we looking for?

The main focus of the grant is to support projects that further the Gnosis ecosystem and our core mission to redistribute the future. Your proposed project should be directly connected to our products and vision. Proposals should focus on:

  • Building on top of one of our platforms, or
  • Integrating our smart contracts, or
  • Creating tools/modules/extension for our products

Our platforms and potential buidl ideas include:

  • Gnosis Safe: recovery modules, transfer limits or Gnosis Safe integration into Dapps
  • PM: prediction market use cases, oracle integrations, wallet integrations or a futarchy interface

Furthermore, we will also consider projects involved in research and education related to:

  • Prediction markets/ Futarchy
  • Market mechanism
  • Governance
  • Dapp useability
  • Dapp scalability

What are we offering?


We want to support a wide range of projects in both topic and scale. For this reason, we are offering grants of between $5.000 and $100.000. The allocated funding will reflect the scope and ambition of your proposal. To get a sense of how much funding to request for your proposal, check out our bounties and current projects for an estimation.


The Gnosis Ecosystem Fund provides more than just financial support. You will also be assigned and receive support from a Gnosis developer who will act as your project mentor. Furthermore, we can connect you to experts in the field and to experienced legal, admin, and financial advisors as needed. As our ecosystem continues to develop, we hope to foster a supportive community where past projects are willing to support and mentor new projects.

Community/ Outreach

Teams will have the option of working at Full Node, our co-working space in Berlin. The Gnosis Communications team will provide branding and outreach support to encourage engagement with the larger blockchain community. Bigger projects will have the opportunity to present their work at DappCon.

How to apply for a grant:

From 2020 on we will accept application on a monthly basis. Submit your proposal until the end of each month and will get back to you.

Your proposal should include:

  • What you want to build
  • Why you want to build it
  • The overall goal of your project
  • A detailed technical description of your project
  • A schedule including milestones and overall timeframe
  • How much funding you’d like to request
  • Your programming portfolio
  • A brief description of your team
  • Where you've applied for other sources of funding if applicable

Check out our template here!

How to submit your proposal

  • Fork the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund GitHub repository
  • Create a new file with your project’s name
  • Outline your proposal in that file
  • Create a Pull Request to merge your submission into the our repository


We will select up to 10 teams per submission round to pitch their project to a selected group of people from the Gnosis team.


The Intellectual Property of your projects will be owned by you, and you are responsible for hosting, maintaining and, the compliance of your project.

Additional Information

  • Reach out to our Devs and Product Managers via Gitter
  • We put together different bounties for tools/modules/ extension which help improve our products. Check them out here
  • Check out the documentation of our Prediction markets and the Gnosis Safe protocols