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pragma solidity ^0.5.2;
import "../Oracle/PriceOracleInterface.sol";
import "./AuctioneerManaged.sol";
import "./DxMath.sol";
contract EthOracle is AuctioneerManaged, DxMath {
uint constant WAITING_PERIOD_CHANGE_ORACLE = 30 days;
// Price Oracle interface
PriceOracleInterface public ethUSDOracle;
// Price Oracle interface proposals during update process
PriceOracleInterface public newProposalEthUSDOracle;
uint public oracleInterfaceCountdown;
event NewOracleProposal(PriceOracleInterface priceOracleInterface);
function initiateEthUsdOracleUpdate(PriceOracleInterface _ethUSDOracle) public onlyAuctioneer {
require(address(_ethUSDOracle) != address(0), "The oracle address must be valid");
newProposalEthUSDOracle = _ethUSDOracle;
oracleInterfaceCountdown = add(block.timestamp, WAITING_PERIOD_CHANGE_ORACLE);
emit NewOracleProposal(_ethUSDOracle);
function updateEthUSDOracle() public {
require(address(newProposalEthUSDOracle) != address(0), "The new proposal must be a valid addres");
oracleInterfaceCountdown < block.timestamp,
"It's not possible to update the oracle during the waiting period"
ethUSDOracle = newProposalEthUSDOracle;
newProposalEthUSDOracle = PriceOracleInterface(0);
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