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Public API

The API is an alternative and easier way to access the information on the smart contracts.

It was built to make the information more accessible, so it hides the barriers that a newcomer to Ethereum development may find.

The API is accessible for:

The API provides a simple way to browse over all methods:

API docs

You can also use the TRY button to test the endpoint:

Try endpoint

The API is Open Source, so anyone can run it in its own server.

Read only API

The API provides read-only access, because it's not configured with private keys and is not involved in any transaction signing.

It just gets the information from the smart contracts.

Write operations

The API don't allow any write operation.

For any operation that needs to write in the blockchain, you'll need to:

Implementation of the API

The API logic is implemented in the DutchX Services, for more information checkout:

Integration with the API

For developers, it should be very easy to get information form the API, check out these examples: