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DutchX Tools

This project provides a Docker image that contain some useful tools for interacting with the DutchX as the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the Bots. Trading can be done in the following networks:

  • Rinkeby (recommended to test)
  • Kovan (not recommended)
  • Mainnet

The CLI was initially created for testing purposes and internal use only, hence some commands might work differently than explained here or as expected.

Please report any issues with the tools so we can make them better for everyone!

How to run the CLI

How to run the Bots

For more information on the underlying protocol, checkout the DutchX Documentation.

No security, No liability, your own risk

This CLI is made available to you on an as-is basis without any form of warranty, representation or assurance (in each case whether express or implied) that the CLI is fit for its intended purpose or that it is free from any errors or faults causing you loss or damage.

If you are inexperienced with blockchain technology and operations, we strongly recommend that you do not use this CLI. Depending on how you use the DutchX Protocol, you may be required to satisfy additional local law requirements, which may include but are not limited to instating KYC/AML procedures and gaining legal authorizations from applicable regulators.

An API gathers publicly available data from the Ethereum blockchain on the usage of the DutchX Protocol. Depending on how you use this Program, you may be required to provide and apply an appropriate privacy policy to comply with law.

You alone are responsible for your private key(s). Any third party that gains access to your private key(s) may be able to misappropriate your funds. If your private key or password gets lost or stolen, your funds associated with your wallet address may be unrecoverable and permanently lost. Any errors or malfunctions caused by or otherwise related to your digital wallet or vault may also result in the loss of your funds. We take no responsibility therefore whatsoever.

If you use the DutchX Protocol to auction off a token and no one participates on the bid side of the auction within a 24 hour period, the token to be sold will be valued at zero. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also ensure liquidity for the bid-side.

Feedback, suggestions, collaborations

Please, let us know any typo or error in the project or documentation.

Any idea, proposal or collaboration is welcome. Consider checking out DutchX Read the Docs.

Also, you are encouraged to participate in the Gitter Channel for the DutchX.