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Prediction Market Trading Interface for Gnosis Contracts
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Start with npm start, server available under http://localhost:5000/

Quickstart with Docker/Docker Compose

Install Docker and Docker Compose

git clone
cd pm-trading-ui

Build containers

The application is made up of several container images that are linked together using docker-compose. Before running the application, build the images:

docker-compose build --force-rm

Running the Application

docker-compose up

Application will run on http://localhost:8080

Installing pm-js

This package implements the npm package for pm-js for interaction with prediction markets. See the github repo from gnosis/pm-js

If you're working with pm-js locally, you can add it to your installation like this: npm i ../pm-js (if your pm-js repo is in the parent folder) this will npm-link and you're free to make changes there too

Running pm-trading-db

Refer to pm-trading-db's repo

Quick version:

  • Clone pm-trading-db's repo.
  • Go to pm-trading-db/settings/ and change the ETHEREUM_HOST to your local LAN IP (localhost won't work as this is a docker container).
  • Build the image and start the container with docker-compose build && docker-compose up.
  • Enter the docker container with docker-compose run web bash.
  • Inside the docker container run python createsuperuser and create a user.
  • Login at localhost:8000/admin with the created user.
  • Create a periodical task with an interval between 5s and 30s.
  • Check the docker-output to see if there were any problems reading from the local blockchain.

Running Ganache-Cli

In order to run this on a local blockchain, install ganache-cli npm install ganache-cli -g and run ganache-cli like so: ganache-cli --gasLimit 400000000 -d -h

Afterwards, go into your gnosis folder (either ../gnosis.js or ./node_modules/ and run npm run migrate this will deploy all contracts to Ganache.

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