Gnosis Safe is a multi signature (2FA) wallet for personal usage.
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE Add issue templates Oct 28, 2018
.vscode GHI-381 ws Nov 21, 2018
Common GH-533 integrated in application service Feb 8, 2019
Dependencies GHI-389 Updated blockies Nov 20, 2018
IdentityAccess GH-531 extracted interfaces into facade lib and integrated resource b… Feb 6, 2019
Library GHI-487 updated ids Dec 19, 2018
MultisigWallet GHI-543 extracted common code into separate file Feb 20, 2019
SafeUIKit GHI-543 implemented flow coordinator and app service methods Feb 20, 2019
TestTools GHI-406 fixes Nov 28, 2018
docs Updated docs Jan 17, 2019
fastlane GH-515 Removed upper limit on password length Jan 24, 2019
git/hooks WA-180 Added comments to scripts, moved NSLocalizedString to common f… Mar 14, 2018
safe.xcworkspace GH-503 added invalid state error label Jan 31, 2019
safe GHI-543 update Feb 20, 2019
safePlayground-ios.playground GH-503 Moved files into standalone framework and added staging app fo… Jan 30, 2019
scripts GHI-361 Added explicit uploading symbols step Nov 19, 2018
xcode-templates WA-158 [WIP] password rules impl with unit tests Feb 23, 2018
.env.default.example WA-528 Changed AppConfig.yml Aug 16, 2018
.gitattributes WA-180 Converted utf-16 to utf-8 Mar 14, 2018
.gitignore Added first few guidelines Nov 21, 2018
.gitmodules GHI-292 Added tx list querying and date tools lib Oct 18, 2018
.jazzy.yaml WA-411 Added some more docs Jun 6, 2018
.ruby-version WA-536 Move TokensCell to SafeUIKit; remove unused images; Sep 10, 2018
.swiftlint.yml WA-497 Connected view controller's continue button to wallet app service Aug 2, 2018
.travis.yml GHI-265 updated travis config Oct 1, 2018
CHANGELOG.rst GH-512 Edited changelog Jan 23, 2019
Gemfile GHI-346 update apple id Nov 12, 2018
Gemfile.lock GH-515 Removed upper limit on password length Jan 24, 2019
Jenkinsfile GH-535 fixed Feb 6, 2019
LICENSE WA-153 Changed license to GPL v3 Mar 20, 2018 Update Nov 13, 2018 GHI-460 updated release doc Dec 13, 2018
codecov.yml WA-345 Renamed ui frameworks to capitalized names May 4, 2018
encrypted_files.tar.enc GH-532 encrypted new settings Feb 6, 2019


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Getting Started

To set up all project dependencies, run from the project directory in terminal:

$> scripts/