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Keeps track of transactions sent via Gnosis Safe contacts and confirmed transactions. It also keeps track of Ether and ERC20 token transfers to Safe contracts.
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Gnosis Transaction Service

Keeps track of transactions sent via Gnosis Safe contracts. It uses events and tracing to index the txs.

Transactions are detected in an automatic way, so there is no need of informing the service about the transactions as in previous versions of the Transaction Service.

Transactions can also be sent to the service to allow offchain collecting of signatures or informing the owners about a transaction that is pending to be sent to the blockchain.

Swagger (Mainnet version) Swagger (Rinkeby version)

Index of contents

Setup for production

This is the recommended configuration for running a production Transaction service. docker-compose is required for running the project.

Configure the parameters needed on .env. These parameters need to be changed:

  • ETHEREUM_NODE_URL: Http/s address of a ethereum node. It can be the same than ETHEREUM_TRACING_NODE_URL.
  • ETHEREUM_TRACING_NODE_URL: Http/s address of a Ethereum Parity node with tracing enabled.

If you need the Usd conversion for tokens don't forget to configure:

  • ETH_UNISWAP_FACTORY_ADDRESS: Checksummed address of Uniswap Factory contract.
  • ETH_KYBER_NETWORK_PROXY_ADDRESS: Checksummed address of Kyber Network Proxy contract.

For more parameters check file.


docker-compose build --force-rm
docker-compose up

The service should be running in localhost:8000. You can test everything is set up:

curl 'http://localhost:8000/api/v1/about/'

For example, to set up a Göerli node:

Run a Parity node in your local computer:

parity --chain goerli --tracing on --db-path=/media/ethereum/parity --unsafe-expose

Edit .env so docker points to he host Parity:



docker-compose build --force-rm
docker-compose up


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