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! These are all possible options, presented with default values.
! xst will fallback to *.option if st.option is not present.
! see src/config.h for more information about option meanings.
! These options only take effect on startup.
st.termname: st-256color
! if you do not set shell, precedence is: -e arg, utmp option, SHELL env var, /etc/passwd shell /bin/sh
! The following options options can be reloaded via USR1 signal.
st.font: Liberation Mono:pixelsize=12:antialias=true:autohint=true;
st.borderpx: 10
! Available cursor values: 2 4 6 7 = █ _ | ☃ ( 1 3 5 are blinking versions)
st.cursorshape: 2
! thickness of underline and bar cursors
st.cursorthickness: 2
! 0: normal blinking, 1: leave cursor border and blink with cursor's background
st.cursorblinkstyle: 0
! 0: cursor blinks with a constant interval; 1: blinking cycle resets on key input
st.cursorblinkontype: 1
st.bold_font: 0
st.xfps: 120
st.actionfps: 30
! Amount of lines scrolled
st.mouseScrollLines: 1
! Kerning / character bounding-box height multiplier
st.chscale: 1.0
! Kerning / character bounding-box width multiplier
st.cwscale: 1.0
! blinking timeout for terminal and cursor blinking (0 disables)
st.blinktimeout: 800
! bell volume. Value between -100 and 100. (0 disables)
st.bellvolume: 100
! this is a char that is exposed like so: `printf '\033[z'`
st.prompt_char: $
! This option is can be preedit style. Available values: `root` `overthespot` (Default taken `root`)
st.imstyle: root
! opacity==255 means what terminal will be not transparent, 0 - fully transparent
st.opacity: 255
! Defaults taken from base16-twilight colorscheme.
st.foreground: #a7a7a7
st.background: #1e1e1e
st.color0: #1e1e1e
st.color1: #cf6a4c
st.color2: #8f9d6a
st.color3: #f9ee98
st.color4: #7587a6
st.color5: #9b859d
st.color6: #afc4db
st.color7: #a7a7a7
st.color8: #5f5a60
st.color9: #cf6a4c
st.color10: #8f9d6a
st.color11: #f9ee98
st.color12: #7587a6
st.color13: #9b859d
st.color14: #afc4db
st.color15: #ffffff
st.color16: #cda869
st.color17: #9b703f
st.color18: #323537
st.color19: #464b50
st.color20: #838184
st.color21: #c3c3c3
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