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gstudio: Gnowledge Studio

A collaborative workspace for constructing and publishing semantic knowledge networks and ontologies as blogs.

Features taking shape

As and when a feature is tested and working it will be listed below.

Nodes implemented

Gstudio Components

  • Metatypes
  • Object types
  • Relation types
  • Attribute types
  • System types
  • Process types
  • Attributes
  • Relations
  • Node Specification
  • Relation Specification
  • Attribute Specification
  • Union
  • Complement
  • Intersection

Objectapp Components

  • Objects
  • Systems
  • Processes

Online Collaborative Platform

The application is built as a collaborative on line platform.

Version Control

All the nodes above are also registered with django-reversion for version control using django-reversion.

User Registration

Basic registration using django-registration

Features you will see soon:

  • neighbourhood graphs and concept graphs
  • dynamic forms for adding attributes and relations following the definition

Other Semantic Web features to come

  • data in RDF format
  • rdf feed to a triple store
  • sparql endpoint
  • export and import of standard knowledge representation languages: CL, OWL, XTM etc.

Features adopted from Django-Blog-Zinnia

The following features are adopted from django-blog-zinnia code base with a lot of gratitude. Thanks to an excellent codebase of django-blog-zinnia, which taught us best software development practices as well! After reviewing each feature for the purpose of semantic blogging, we will retain or extend the following features.


We will soon create a sandbox site for users to play and test the features.

Project Page