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Make sure to install these packages prior to installation :

Note that all the dependencies will be resolved if you install gnowsys-studio with :program:`pip` or :program:`easy_install`, excepting Django.

Getting the code

For the latest version of Gstudio use :program:`easy_install`:

$ easy_install gnowsys-studio

or use :program:`pip`:

$ pip install gnowsys-studio

You could also retrieve the last sources from Clone the repository using :program:`git` and run the installation script:

$ git clone git://
$ cd gnowsys-studio
$ python install

or more easily via :program:`pip`:

$ pip install -e git://


Then register :mod:`gstudio`, objectapp, and these following applications in the :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` section of your project's settings.

'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.sitemaps', 'django.contrib.comments', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.messages', 'django.contrib.sites', 'mptt', 'reversion', 'tagging', 'django_xmlrpc', 'grappelli.dashboard', 'grappelli', 'gstudio', 'objectapp', 'django.contrib.admin', 'django.contrib.admindocs', 'django.contrib.staticfiles', 'djangoratings', 'registration', 'graphviz', 'demo', 'fourstore', 'HTTP4Store', 'html5lib', # Uncomment the south entry to activate south for database migrations # Please do install south before uncommenting # command: sudo pip install south # 'south', )

Template Context Processors

Add these following :setting:`template context processors<TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS>` if not already present.

  'gstudio.context_processors.version',) # Optional


Add the following lines to your project's in order to display the site.

Note that the default gnowsys-studio URLset is provided for convenient usage, but you can customize your URLs if you want. Here's how:

urlpatterns = patterns(

'', (r'^$', 'django.views.generic.simple.redirect_to',

{'url': '/home/'}),

url(r'^home/', home_view), url(r'^more/',more_view), url(r'^nodetypes/', include('gstudio.urls')), url(r'^objects/', include('objectapp.urls')), url(r'^comments/', include('django.contrib.comments.urls')), #URL for XMLRPC url(r'^xmlrpc/$','django_xmlrpc.views.handle_xmlrpc'), url(r'^i18n/', include('django.conf.urls.i18n')), url(r'^admin/doc/', include('django.contrib.admindocs.urls')), url(r'^admin/gstudio/', include('gstudio.urls.ajaxurls')), url(r'^admin/', include(, url(r'^objects/admin/', include(, url(r'^nodetypes/admin/', include(, url(r'^grappelli/', include('grappelli.urls')), url(r'^accounts/register/$', register, {'backend': 'gstudio.regbackend.MyBackend','form_class': UserRegistrationForm}, name='registration_register'),

url(r'^accounts/', include('registration.urls')),

url(r'^$', 'django.views.generic.simple.redirect_to',
{ 'template': 'index.html' }, 'index'),


Static Files

Since the version 1.3 of Django, gnowsys-studio uses the :mod:`django.contrib.staticfiles` application to serve the static files needed. Please refer to for more informations about serving static files.

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