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Testing and Coverage

Writing tests is important, maybe more important than coding.

And this for a lot of reasons, but I'm not here to convince you about the benefits of software testing, some prophets will do it better than me.

Of course gnowsys-studio has a testing framework. However, we were impatient and developed several hasty features, without writing unit-tests. You have been warned. Please contribute if you have a zeal to write test cases to match the software requirements and use cases.

All the tests belong in the directory :file:`gstudio/tests/` and objectapp/tests.

Launching the test suite

If you have :ref:`run the buildout script<running-the-buildout>` bundled in gnowsys-studio, the tests are run under nose by launching this command:

$ ./bin/test

But the tests can also be launched within a Django project with the default test runner:

$ test gstudio --settings=gstudio.testsettings
$ test objectapp --settings=gstudio.testsettings

Using the ./bin/test script is usefull when you develop because the tests are calibrated to run fast, but testing gnowsys-studio within a Django project even if it's slow, can prevent some integration issues.

If you want to make some speed optimizations or compare with your tests results, you can check the actual execution time of the tests at this URL:


We need help here. Any body there?

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