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Welcome to the documentation of GNOWSYS studio.

Introduction to GNOWSYS

GNOWSYS is an acronym for Gnowledge Networking and Organizing SYSstem. It is a node-oriented computing platform. To begin with it provides basic nodes to organize declarative knowledge on any subject.

It is developed as a collaborative community portal like wikimedia to create and publish knowledge networks. GNOWSYS publishes each node as a blog item.

Storage Architecture of GNOWSYS

The memory of GNOWSYS is modeled as a network store. Therefore it resembles triple stores and the data model is 100% compatible to represent in the form of triples. The data is structured in a way so that it can also be represented and exchanged with other computing platforms in the form of json.

Three layered architecture of GNOWSYS


  • Objecttype (OT)
  • Relationtype (RT)
  • Attributetype (AT)
  • Metatype (MT)
  • ProcessType (PT)
  • SystemType (ST)


  • Object (O)
  • Attribute (A)
  • Relation (R)
  • Process (P)
  • System(S)


The following picture provides an overview of the nodetypes GNOWSYS-studio supports.