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Orgitdown !

Orgitdown is a powerful editor which will implement features of Emacs org mode and proposes to give users a simple web based tool which has org functionalities akin to Emacs


The first code implements basic feature set of Emacs org mode.The current code base implements the following features:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strike through
  • Headings ( on alt enter )
  • Bullets ( non numeric )

Slowly more and more features will be added.


The code base for this project has been taken from Jay Salvat's MarkItUp ! Editor.Very heartfelt thanks to him and the MarkItUp team !

Special thanks to Supriya Sawant of Gnowledge Lab for implementing the features

Mailing list

Join this list if you are intersted in using or contributing as a hacker.

Bottom Line

Project of the gnowledge Lab