git-info is a git subcommand that shows information about a Git repository a la `svn info'
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git-info and friends


  • git-info - shows information about a Git repository a la `svn info'
  • git-editor - invokes the editor that Git would pick
  • git-pager - invokes the pager that Git would pick

How to set up

Just place these scripts in one of the directories in your PATH, and you are done.

How to use

git info
git info ~/src/somewhere/somefile
git info some/relative/file_or_directory
git info ~/repos/something.git

Sample output

% git info
Repository Path: /home/knu/src/github/git-info/.git
Path: /home/knu/src/github/git-info
Remote Repositories:
	origin (fetch)
	origin (push)
Remote Branches:
	origin/HEAD -> origin/master
Local Branches:
	* master
Repository Configuration:
		repositoryformatversion = 0
		filemode = true
		bare = false
		logallrefupdates = true
	[remote "origin"]
		fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
		url =
	[branch "master"]
		remote = origin
		merge = refs/heads/master
Last Changed Commit ID: da32fa59f7fab84606ce3c144e636043e96d8063
Last Changed Author: Akinori MUSHA <>
Last Changed Date: Tue Jul 28 10:37:09 2009 +0900
Last Changed Log:
	Take the directory as a physical path.


Copyright (c) 2009, 2012 Akinori MUSHA.

Licensed under the 2-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for further details.