Perl Shell (psh) — Aspiring to be your primary login shell
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The Perl Shell (psh)


The Perl Shell (psh) combines aspects of bash and other shells with the power
of Perl scripting. It aspires to be your primary login shell.


Numerous times when developing Perl code, the author wished for an interactive
Perl execution environment in which to try out code snippets. After some
looking around, there didn't appear to be a handy solution that acted enough
like a shell to be satisfactory. It all might have ended (or rather not begun)
here except that while discussing the idea at lunch with his friend Denny Dahl
the pressure finally became too much to bear. That evening, version 0.001 of
the Perl Shell was born.

Initially Perl Shell development was privately hosted, with low-tech manual
mailing lists. Soon, however, that became too unwieldy and so the project
was moved to Source Forge ( Source Forge provides
a CVS repository, a release archive, mailing list management and more.


The original version was written by Gregor N. Purdy, Sr. but now there have
been numerous contributors, and much of the more advanced functionality was
actually implemented by members of the Perl Shell Core Team (see the file
psh.pod, or the manpage for psh if you've installed the Perl Shell for more


The official project home page and development sources is in git on github:

The Source Forge main page for the project is:


Download it from one of the locations listed above, and follow the instructions
in the INSTALL file. If you want to keep tabs on or participate in development,
then join Source Forge and sign up for mailing list memberships. 

You can clone the github repository to keep an up-to-date copy of the
code on your system. One way to submit patches back is to fork the
repository on github to your own github account and then issue a pull