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using System;
using Lokad.Cqrs;
using Lokad.Cqrs.Envelope;
using Lokad.Cqrs.TapeStorage;
namespace Recipes.Wires
public class SimpleDispatcher
private readonly AggregateFactory _aggregateFactory;
private readonly IEnvelopeStreamer _serializer;
private readonly ITapeStream _tapeStream;
public SimpleDispatcher(AggregateFactory aggregateFactory, IEnvelopeStreamer serializer, ITapeStream tapeStream)
_aggregateFactory = aggregateFactory;
_serializer = serializer;
_tapeStream = tapeStream;
public void DispatchCommand(object command, Action<EnvelopeBuilder> builder = null)
var envelopeBuilder = new EnvelopeBuilder(Guid.NewGuid().ToString());
if (builder != null) builder(envelopeBuilder);
var envelope = envelopeBuilder.Build();
var data = _serializer.SaveEnvelopeData(envelope);
if (!_tapeStream.TryAppend(data))
throw new InvalidOperationException("Failed to record domain log");