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* \file hybrid_observables.h
* \brief Implementation of an adapter of an observables block accepting all kind
* of signals to a ObservablesInterface
* \author Mara Branzanti 2013. mara.branzanti(at)
* \author Javier Arribas 2013. jarribas(at)
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* GNSS-SDR is a Global Navigation Satellite System software-defined receiver.
* This file is part of GNSS-SDR.
* Copyright (C) 2010-2020 (see AUTHORS file for a list of contributors)
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#include "gnss_synchro.h"
#include "hybrid_observables_gs.h"
#include "observables_interface.h"
#include <gnuradio/gr_complex.h> // for gr_complex
#include <gnuradio/runtime_types.h> // for basic_block_sptr, top_block_sptr
#include <cstddef>
#include <string>
/** \addtogroup Observables
* Classes for the computation of GNSS observables
* \{ */
/** \addtogroup Observables_adapters obs_adapters
* Wrap GNU Radio observables blocks with an ObservablesInterface
* \{ */
class ConfigurationInterface;
* \brief This class implements an ObservablesInterface for observables of all kind of GNSS signals
class HybridObservables : public ObservablesInterface
HybridObservables(const ConfigurationInterface* configuration,
const std::string& role,
unsigned int in_streams,
unsigned int out_streams);
~HybridObservables() = default;
inline std::string role() override
return role_;
//! Returns "Hybrid_Observables"
inline std::string implementation() override
return "Hybrid_Observables";
void connect(gr::top_block_sptr top_block) override;
void disconnect(gr::top_block_sptr top_block) override;
gr::basic_block_sptr get_left_block() override;
gr::basic_block_sptr get_right_block() override;
inline void reset() override
//! All blocks must have an item_size() function implementation
inline size_t item_size() override
return sizeof(Gnss_Synchro);
hybrid_observables_gs_sptr observables_;
std::string dump_filename_;
std::string role_;
unsigned int in_streams_;
unsigned int out_streams_;
bool dump_;
bool dump_mat_;
/** \} */
/** \} */