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The first release of GNU Guitar since the refactoring project started.

To summarize the changes:

  • GUI uses Qt5 instead of GTK+2
  • Effects are interfaced using the LADSPA interface
  • New icon (a guitar pick with the GNU head on it)
  • New graphical interface layout (designed to look more like an audio rack)
  • LADSPA_PATH is searched for additional effects

Known issues:

  • Not all of the original guitar effects have been ported to LADSPA.
  • The program does not find the builtin effects automatically on Windows (you have to set LADSPA_PATH)
  • Only WASAPI and ALSA are currently supported (JACK, CoreAudio and ASIO are still on the to-do list)
  • The preference window is not implemented for WASAPI, only ALSA
  • Documentation is out of date.

There are probably more issues not mentioned here.