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The GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD
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BUGS docs: update OpenOCD url's to domain Apr 16, 2015 fix greeting MCU message Jun 7, 2017
COPYING update files to correct FSF address Jun 5, 2013
ChangeLog fix typos in documentation Nov 26, 2009 doxygen: fix issues with recent Doxygen versions Jan 30, 2018
HACKING HACKING: add note about refs/for/master Jan 8, 2019 jimtcl: update to 0.77, the current version, enable only specific mod… Dec 25, 2016
NEWS Restore normal development cycle Jan 22, 2017
NEWS-0.10.0 Restore normal development cycle Jan 22, 2017
NEWS-0.2.0 whitespace cleanup, mostly for docs Dec 30, 2009
NEWS-0.3.0 Version 0.4.0-dev Nov 5, 2009
NEWS-0.4.0 Open the merge window for the 0.5.0 release cycle. Feb 21, 2010
NEWS-0.5.0 Archive and recreate NEWS file. Aug 9, 2011
NEWS-0.6.0 Restore -dev suffix, archive NEWS file, add new blank NEWS file - start Sep 7, 2012
NEWS-0.7.0 Restore normal development cycle May 5, 2013
NEWS-0.8.0 Restore normal development cycle Apr 27, 2014
NEWS-0.9.0 Restore normal development cycle May 17, 2015
NEWTAPS Fix spelling of ARM Cortex May 20, 2016
README Add flash support for SiFive's Freedom E platforms Jan 11, 2019
README.OSX README.OSX: mention Gentoo Prefix and clarify other options Jun 18, 2014
README.Windows README.Windows: clarify the kernel drivers installation May 17, 2015 & typos & cosmetics Apr 8, 2019
TODO Remove since long deprecated ft2232 driver Nov 6, 2016
bootstrap Fix invocation of libjaylink Nov 5, 2016
config_subdir.m4 Fix out-of-tree build Jul 30, 2013 Merge branch 'riscv' into gnu-mcu-eclipse-dev Jun 12, 2018 Change version labels to work better with GIT Oct 7, 2009
uncrustify.cfg build: update uncrustify config Feb 6, 2012

GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD

The GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD project is a fork of OpenOCD, customised for a better/more convenient integration with the GNU MCU OpenOCD Debugging plug-in.

Expect GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD to follow official OpenOCD releases, plus several intermediate releases, as needed.

RISC-V support

After RISC-V support was upstreamed, GNU MCU Eclipse OpenOCD no longer tracks the changes from the RISC-V OpenOCD fork, since some of them interfered with other targets.

How to use

How to build

Releases & binaries

See the releases page. Binaries for most platforms can be downloaded from GitHub Releases.

Download analytics

Credit to Shields IO and Somsubhra/github-release-stats.

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