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This project is an AMD/OSRC specific fork of Tapper-Starterkit.

The Starterkit is meant to create an initial setup of Tapper to get
newcomers started, it is not expected to change much.

New development is mostly happening in Tapper-Deployment, containing
lots of OSRC specific details, like additional 32bit images, client
packages, Python installation and much refactoring.

It is, however, also useful for other users who want to regularly
upgrade Tapper or follow development from git.

It should work as drop-in replacement for Tapper-Starterkit.


Just calling "make" provides you with an overview of the most common targets:

Try most common targets:

  make web              -- update WebGUI
  make mcp              -- update MCP
  make cli              -- update CLI
  make api              -- update Tapper::Reports::API
  make receiver         -- update Tapper::Reports::Receiver
  make action           -- update Tapper::Action
  make nfsrootperl      -- update Tapper::Installer & friends in nfsroot
  make clientpkgs       -- create client packages (64bit + 32bit)
  make clientpkgs++     -- update client packages (64bit + 32bit)
  make baseimages       -- create base images     (64bit + 32bit)

  make allautomation    -- everything for automation
                           *except* the MCP-MessageReceiver
                              . cleanups to force rebuild
                              . nfsrootdir
                              . baseimages
                              . clientpkgs
                              . mcp

Special target:

  make mcpmsgreceiver   -- MCP-MessageReceiver
                           => only do if *REALLY* needed
                              because it risks MCP persistence!

Other targets:

  make nfsrootdir       -- a base OS subdir bootable from NFS for Tapper::Installer
  make localsetup       -- most stuff to run a central Tapper host
                           but WITHOUT automation. Contains:
                              . reports receiver
                              . reports api
                              . web frontend
  make tapperhost       -- everything to run a central Tapper control host
                           INCLUSIVE automation. Contains:
                              . make installerchroot
                              . make baseimage64
                              . make clientpkg64
                              . make localsetup
  make it so            -- same as 'make tapperhost'
  make clean            -- remove intermediate build files+chroots
                           (keeps the final /data/tapper/... intact)

About Tapper

Tapper is an infrastructure for all aspects of testing 
inclusive Operating Systems and Virtualization.

Tapper contains

 - Automation
 - Machine Scheduling
 - Command line utils
 - Web Frontend application
 - Support for writing tests
 - Powerful result evaluation API
 - Testplan support with TaskJuggler
 - Many use-cases from tracking test results to
   benchmarking to full OS testing including virtualization

More information about Tapper:

 - https://github.com/amd/Tapper-Doc/
 - http://search.cpan.org/~amd/Tapper-Doc/

Other Tapper subprojects:

 - https://github.com/amd
 - http://search.cpan.org/~amd