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You can find documentation for GnuBee Products in various places

If you have questions please open an issue (aka bug report) under Please search the wiki and the home page before opening an issue as it may have already been resolved.


You can find instructions on how to assemble the parts you received under GB-PC1/Assembly.

Upgrading the firmware

See wiki

Debugging early boot sequence using TTY->USB

You find an instruction on howto use the USB to UART cable under USB_to_UART

Home page/Wiki lacks currently documentation for:

  • How to enable access via SSH
  • How to install Debian / OpenMediaVault
  • How to use tftboot
  • How to build the firmware/Lede
  • and ...?

How to upgrade your firmware using Das U-Boot -- the Universal Boot Loader

Be aware that overwriting the U-Boot may brick your HW! You can find instruction on the GnuBee Boot Loader at Das_U-Boot