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update docs for worker results

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@@ -75,7 +75,15 @@ rails using:
<pre class="boxed">status_obj = MiddleMan.worker(:foo_worker).ask_result(cache_key) </pre>
-You can as usual use @worker_key@ if *worker was started with a worker_key*.
+You must use @worker_key@ if *worker was started with a worker_key*.
+From controller, you can also reset result stored for a particular worker, with particular cache key.
+This is only applicable, if you are using memcache for storing results.
+<pre class="multiline">
+MiddleMan.worker(:foo_worker).reset_memcache_result(cache_key) # or
%(entry-title)<a name="persistent_task"> Enqueue task to the persistent job queue : </a>%

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