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Releases: gnunn1/tilix

Version 1.9.5

22 Feb 16:35
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  • Tilix is still looking for a new maintainer!


  • Disable advanced paste when there is no linebreak like iTerm2
  • Add environment variable when in quake mode
  • Add possibility to configure always enabled regex


  • More appdata -> metainfo move
  • Add meson target for man page translations
  • Update flatpak manifest
  • meson: drop unused argument for i18n.merge_file()
  • Stop using deprecated Meson features
  • Keep quake window open if focus is restored before timeout has been reached
  • Don't check GtkDragResult (Wayland compatibility)
  • Don't add application/x-rootwindow-drop to dragSourceSet targets

Version 1.9.4

10 Feb 19:37
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  • Tilix is looking for maintainers! At the moment, only very minimal maintenance is done,
    no new features will be implemented and pull-requests may be reviewed very slowly.

    If you are interested in helping Tilix, please chime in!


  • Actually install Yaru color scheme
  • Give every tab the ${title} (instead of "Default")
  • Add option to strip trailing whitespace on paste (#1904)


  • Fix saving of already saved session
  • Add shortcut to "Unselect all"
  • Many Meson buildsystem fixes
  • Avoid missing the previous command exit code when encoding URLs
  • Resolve some D deprecation messages
  • Mention powerline/fonts in README
  • Avoid calling values() on a shared object
  • Update metainfo data
  • Drop compat code for older D frontend versions
  • Bump minimum VTE version to 0.46
  • Remove deprecated Autotools support
  • Add release notes, NEWS file, automatic metainfo update
  • Update to GtkD 3.9.0


  • This release contains many localization updates

Release 1.9.3

05 May 20:02
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This issue fixes a problem with the session sidebar getting out of sync after having deleted a session. See issues #1680, #1637 and #1699.

Release 1.9.0

17 Mar 14:26
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This is a very minor release that fixes the app menu for Gnome 3.32, updates the icon and adds preferences to the gnome-shell menu item similar to Gnome Terminal.

Release 1.8.9

07 Jan 00:24
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A very small release to update localizations and address an issue in GtkD where the version number was not updated correctly.

Release 1.8.7

04 Jan 00:10
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The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added ability to assign shortcuts to profiles
  • Included app menu options in hamburger menu in preparation to conform to GNOME HIG changes
  • Mitigated memory leak with sidebar
  • Fixed minor color issues with Solarized schemes
  • Fixed issue with decoding strings that didn't need it (thanks to Chris Billington)
  • Fixed issue with blurry text when background image was set on scaled display
  • Fixed issue with scaling badge when using font scaling
  • Added ability to include statuses (readonly, silence and input-sync enabled) to terminal title
  • Updated to use GTKD 3.84
  • Updated app data thanks to Bilal Elmoussaoui
  • Fixed issue with drag window remaining visible thanks to Jocelyn Turcotte
  • Tilix icon updated to reflect new GNOME design thanks to Sergey Bugaev
  • Fixed problem with unsafe paste dialog when command has excessive length thanks to Bilal Elmoussaoui

Release 1.8.5

27 Aug 13:30
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This release is just to fix a bug that prevents the tilix preferences from working on GTK releases earlier then 3.22, no other changes have been made.

Release 1.8.3

19 Aug 14:41
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A new version of tilix is available, I've been deferring putting one out as I haven't been that busy working on new features however enough bug fixes have been done to warrant a new release. The following changes have been made in this version:

  • Added the ability to customize the badge font and size
  • Fixed an issue with loading URLs with a hash character
  • Fixed an issue where tilix could get stuck in mazimized mode when a background terminal closes behind the scenes
  • Added an indicator on the tab to show when new output is detected, only works with VTE alternate-screen patch
  • Can now use Tab key when customizing shortcuts
  • Re-worked notifications so each terminal has it's own notification rather then one global one for tilix
  • Updated to use GtkD 3.8.3
  • Added experimental support for process monitoring where the currently running process can be used in the terminal title. Requires enabling a setting in Dconf prefs, may cause segfaults
  • Various other bug fixes

Release 1.8.1

26 May 16:38
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This release of tilix is primarily a bug fix release however there are a couple of minor new features:

  • Added support for toggling a margin line (
  • Added new shortcut for auto-oriented splitting, thanks to @henvo
  • When tabs are on the left or right they are now displayed vertically to fix space issues (#1395)
  • Fixed a memory leak when closing sessions (#1409)
  • Improved color matching logic for matching themes (#1400)

Please note that this will be the last release of Tilix to support GTK 3.14 and 3.16. Going forward tilix will require GTK 3.18 as a minimum.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release

Release 1.7.9

29 Apr 00:27
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This release includes some new features, leverages new capabilities that VTE 0.52 brings as well as fixes a number of issues. Highlights for this release include:

  • Badges for all! As of VTE 0.52 a Tilix specific VTE patch for badge support is no longer required
  • Support for new VTE 0.52 features (#1233)
  • New shortcuts to quickly cycle through previous command prompts. Requires VTE be compiled with Tilix alternate screen patch (#1369)
  • Profiles in preferences has been re-worked so dialog uses less vertical space
  • New GtkD 3.8.2 used which fixes a segmentation fault when casting objects from a null object
  • Unsafe paste dialog uses a scrollwindow now when more then 6 lines of text (#1386)
  • A new token ${activeTerminalTitle} has been added to provide more flexibility for session titles
  • Triggers and custom hyperlinks now support using the tilix tokens (#1316)
  • Custom hyperlinks are loaded before the default hyperlinks so users can override default behavior

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release.