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* \brief Provide typedefs and operators for all complex types in C and C++.
* The typedefs encompass all signed integer and floating point types.
* Each operator function is intended to work across all data types.
* Under C++, these operators are defined as inline templates.
* Under C, these operators are defined as preprocessor macros.
* The use of macros makes the operators agnostic to the type.
* The following operator functions are defined:
* - lv_cmake - make a complex type from components
* - lv_creal - get the real part of the complex number
* - lv_cimag - get the imaginary part of the complex number
* - lv_conj - take the conjugate of the complex number
#ifdef __cplusplus
#include <stdint.h>
#include <complex>
typedef std::complex<int8_t> lv_8sc_t;
typedef std::complex<int16_t> lv_16sc_t;
typedef std::complex<int32_t> lv_32sc_t;
typedef std::complex<int64_t> lv_64sc_t;
typedef std::complex<float> lv_32fc_t;
typedef std::complex<double> lv_64fc_t;
template <typename T>
inline std::complex<T> lv_cmake(const T& r, const T& i)
return std::complex<T>(r, i);
template <typename T>
inline typename T::value_type lv_creal(const T& x)
return x.real();
template <typename T>
inline typename T::value_type lv_cimag(const T& x)
return x.imag();
template <typename T>
inline T lv_conj(const T& x)
return std::conj(x);
#else /* __cplusplus */
#if __STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L /* C99 check */
/* this allows us to conj in lv_conj without the double detour for single-precision floats
#include <tgmath.h>
#endif /* C99 check */
#include <complex.h>
typedef char complex lv_8sc_t;
typedef short complex lv_16sc_t;
typedef long complex lv_32sc_t;
typedef long long complex lv_64sc_t;
typedef float complex lv_32fc_t;
typedef double complex lv_64fc_t;
#define lv_cmake(r, i) ((r) + _Complex_I * (i))
// When GNUC is available, use the complex extensions.
// The extensions always return the correct value type.
#ifdef __GNUC__
#define lv_creal(x) (__real__(x))
#define lv_cimag(x) (__imag__(x))
#define lv_conj(x) (~(x))
// When not available, use the c99 complex function family,
// which always returns double regardless of the input type,
// unless we have C99 and thus tgmath.h overriding functions
// with type-generic versions.
#else /* __GNUC__ */
#define lv_creal(x) (creal(x))
#define lv_cimag(x) (cimag(x))
#define lv_conj(x) (conj(x))
#endif /* __GNUC__ */
#endif /* __cplusplus */