Simple version of Perl Amazon EC2 modules that supports the tag API
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This is an interface to Amazon EC2 REST tools that follows the
2014-10-01 API. I created it because I needed access to the Tag and
TagSet interfaces, and neither euca2ools nor Net::Amazon::EC2 provided
this functionality. Support for the following services are complete:

 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Autoscaling
 Relational Database Service (RDS)

The module is designed to work in a standard procedural manner, as
well as in an event-driven application using the AnyEvent framework.

The following code illustrates the object-oriented features of the

 # get new EC2 object
 my $ec2 = VM::EC2->new(-access_key => 'access key id',
                        -secret_key => 'aws_secret_key',
                        -endpoint   => '');

 # fetch an image by its ID
 my $image = $ec2->describe_images('ami-12345');

 # get some information about the image
 my $architecture = $image->architecture;
 my $description  = $image->description;
 my @devices      = $image->blockDeviceMapping;
 for my $d (@devices) {
    print $d->deviceName,"\n";
    print $d->snapshotId,"\n";
    print $d->volumeSize,"\n";

 # run two instances
 my @instances = $image->run_instances(-key_name      =>'My_key',
                                       -min_count     =>2,
                                       -instance_type => 't1.micro')
           or die $ec2->error_str;

 # wait for both instances to reach "running" or other terminal state

 # print out both instance's current state and DNS name
 for my $i (@instances) {
    my $status = $i->current_status;
    my $dns    = $i->dnsName;
    print "$i: [$status] $dns\n";

 # tag both instances with Role "server"
 foreach (@instances) {$_->add_tag(Role=>'server');

 # stop both instances
 foreach (@instances) {$_->stop}

 $ec2->wait_for_instances(@instances); # wait till they stop
 # create an image from both instance, tag them, and make them public
 for my $i (@instances) {
     my $img = $i->create_image("Autoimage from $i","Test image");
     $img->add_tags(Name  => "Autoimage from $i",
                    Role  => 'Server',
                    Status=> 'Production');

Development and bug reports

This module is supported using GitHub at To report a bug please open
the Issues tag and file a bug report using the "New Issue" button.

To contribute to development of this module, please obtain a github
account for yourself and then either:
 1) Fork a copy of the repository, make your changes against this repository, 
    and send a pull request to me to incorporate your changes.

 2) Contact me by email and ask for push privileges on the repository.

See for help getting started.


Many thanks to Lance Kinley, who contributed support for Network ACLs,
VPC VPNs, Elastic Load Balancing, RDS, and many smaller feature
enhancements as well as bug and documentation fixes.


Lincoln D. Stein <>
13 September 2012