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Revision history for SVN-Hooks. -*- text -*-
1.18 2012-05-21 13:06:06 America/Sao_Paulo
Implement 'exclude' option for CHECK_JIRA directive.
1.17 2012-05-01 18:07:52 America/Sao_Paulo
Use Data::Util to make for cleaner code.
1.16 2012-04-21 21:35:48 America/Sao_Paulo
Moved from Google Code to GitHub.
1.15 2012-04-19 23:06:42 America/Sao_Paulo
Fix and optimize example/
1.14 2012-04-19 22:22:39 America/Sao_Paulo
Implement example/ showing how to garantee
that merges are performed only on allowed places.
1.13 2012-03-05 11:49:34 America/Sao_Paulo
Fix RT#75547 by making Windows test scripts non-verbose.
(Thanks Mike Brimer!)
1.12 2012-02-25 23:34:48 America/Sao_Paulo
Convert distribution to Dist::Zilla.
1.11 2011-12-04
Fix UpdateConfFile's shell command invokation.
1.10 2011-11-09
Pass the SVN::Look object as the third argument to the
validator, generator, and actuator in UpdateConfFile.
1.09 2011-11-02
Document importance of defining the PATH properly and set it
properly in the hooks used during testing. (This was a problem
in FreeBSD systems.)
Repository moved to git (
1.08 2011-09-26
Deprecate SVN::Hooks::Mailer. Its directives now produce
1.07 2011-08-27
Requiring at least svnlook version 1.4.0.
1.06 2011-08-21
Checking in Makefile.PL if we can exec svnlook. Just
specifying the dependency from SVN::Look in it doesn't do.
1.05 2011-08-12
Fixing a bug in the new DENY_FILENAMES_PER_PATH directive.
1.04 2011-08-11
Implementing directive DENY_FILENAMES_PER_PATH in
1.03 2011-07-30
SVN::Hooks::CheckJira's check_one and check_all_svnlook checks
now get a SVN::Look object to make it possible to grok
information about the commit.
Tests made a little more robust.
1.02 2011-07-27
Porting Makefile.PL to Windows.
Adjusting dependency from SVN::Look version.
Supporting absolute file names for SVN::Hooks configuration files.
Adding URI::file to the dependencies.
1.01 2011-07-21
Avoiding dependency from File::Slurp in the tests.
1.00 2011-07-20
Ported to Windows with Strawberry Perl and with Active Perl.
0.91 2011-07-07
CHECK_JIRA_CONFIG accepts a fifth argument to match JIRA
project keys.
Fixes an error on UpdateConfFile.
Configuration files should be optional, but they were always
required. Now it's fixed.
0.90 2011-05-14
Big refactoring of the code base. Implements hook directives
in SVN::Hooks and simplifies the implementation and
configuration of plugins.
Revises the POD documentation.
Deprecates SVN::Hooks::Generic.
Preparing for a 1.00 release.
0.33 2011-01-16
Corrects a few gotchas in the test suite.
0.32 2010-12-10
Corrects some long standing errors in the arguments passed to
some hooks.
Corrects some hard errors in the SVN::Hooks::Generic plugin
and enhances its test suite.
0.31 2010-12-09
Implements the SVN::Hooks::Generic plugin to allow for the
easy creation of custom hooks.
Corrects CheckJira's "projects" verification.
0.30 2010-10-07
Small adjustment in some test cases to accomodate changes in
Perl 5.13.5.
0.29 2010-10-06
Extends the syntax of DENY_FILENAME directive to allow
customized error messages.
0.28 2010-04-28
Being more careful during tests.
0.27 2010-03-09
(My wife asked me to change it.)
0.26 2010-03-08
Implements the DENY_EXEMPT_USERS directive in DenyChanges.
0.25 2010-01-19
Add a 'post_action' pseudo-check to CheckJira so that the
plugin can perform an action during the post-commit hook
0.24 2010-01-06
Applies a spelling errors patch by Angel Abad.
0.23 2009-10-24
Add kwalitee tests. (See
0.22 2009-09-23
New hook: CheckCapability.
0.21 2009-08-19
The pod tests are skipped by default unless you use
perl Makefile.PL --author-tests.
0.20 2009-07-28
Reverting the change in 0.19 and better documenting the
CHECK_JIRA behaviour.
Updating SVN::Hooks documentation.
0.19 2009-07-28
Corrects a bug in CheckJira.
0.18 2009-07-24
Corrects two bugs.
Drops the sub-minor versions.
0.17 2009-04-26
Implements the CheckJira plugin and deprecates JiraAcceptance.
Make Makefile.PL know about online tests.
0.16 2009-04-12
Implements the AllowPropChange plugin.
Better document the CheckProperty plugin.
Accepts relative paths in CHECK_STRUCTURE.
0.15 2009-03-12
Corrects a nasty bug in CheckStructure.
Corrects some problems with the test scripts that prevented
them to work right in some environments.
Implements the function
0.14 2009-02-08
JiraAcceptance: don't replay the user's log in the error
Removed LICENSE file because it was inconsistent with the
licensing information in META.yml.
- It accepts an 'actuator' function to be executed in the
post-commit hook after a succesful commit.
- All functions (validator, generator, and actuator) receive
the same two parameters: the file contents and the file
relative path in the repository.
- The files to be updated can be specified via Regexps and
they can be copied to subdirectories of /repo/conf.
0.13 2008-12-03
Moving code to
Improving some tests.
0.12 2008-10-09
Updating documentation at lib/SVN/ and
0.11 2008-10-04
Implemented new plugin SVN::Hooks::Notify which uses
SVN::Notify. With this we deprecate the SVN::Hooks::Mailer
Using File::Spec to be a little more portable.
Changed license to the license of Perl itself.
0.10 2008-09-27
The Mailer plugin can send GNU-style diffs of the files
changed in the commit.
0.09 2008-09-27
Implemented the AllowLogChange plugin to allow changes in past
revision logs by specific users.
Removed dependency from
Now the tests will check if the svn commands are available and
be skipped otherwise.
Enabled tests: t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t.
Added test t/02-allowlogchange.t.
Removed test t/boilerplate.t.
Private functions got the _ prefix to avoid complaints from
0.08 2008-09-25
Moving SVN::Look out to its own distribution as sugested by Daniel
Muey, the owner of its namespace.
0.07 2008-09-23
META.yml gets more complete.
Makefile.PL exits if can't find /usr/bin/svnlook.
Some typo corrections.
0.06 2008-09-21
All modules are documented now.
New files: LICENSE and META.yml.
0.05 2008-09-19
New test t/02-jiraacceptance.t.
JiraAcceptance has a new directive: JIRA_LOG_MATCH(Regexp,
Help). You can specify a regexp to extract the JIRA keys from a
specific part of the log message. You can also pass a help message
to be shown to the user if the commit fails.
The error messages generated by JIRA_ACCEPTANCE are more helpful.
This file was renamed from Changes to ChangeLog to make my life
0.04 2008-08-21
New test t/02-checklog.t.
CheckMimeTypes: now accepts an optional error message to show to
the user.
New plugin CheckLog to check the commit log message with a regexp.
0.03 2008-08-20
New test t/02-mailer.t.
Removing deprecated plugin
UpdateConfFile now can rotate (a la logrotate) the files it
Finished first usable version of the plugin Mailer.
JiraAcceptance: dropped the CHECK_ suffix from the directive
names. Also implemented the directive JIRA_CONFIG the pass the
information needed to connect to the JIRA server.
0.02 2008-08-12
Hooks::UpdateRepoFile was renamed to UpdateConfFile to make it more specific.
But it also was enhanced in the configuration options.
Hooks::JiraAcceptance was optimized. now can process a list of configuration files.
Removed files t/, t/, t/svn-hook.conf.
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