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#ifndef ROBOT_H
#define ROBOT_H
#include <QDateTime>
#include <QObject>
class ReservationModel;
class UsagerModel;
class StationModel;
class NoteModel;
class VehiculeModel;
class ReservationProxyModel;
class Usager;
class Robot : public QObject
explicit Robot(ReservationModel* rmodel,VehiculeModel* vmodel,StationModel* smodel,UsagerModel* umodel,NoteModel* nmodel,QObject *parent = 0);
void simulInitialise(QDateTime now);
bool tenteUneReservation(QDateTime debut,QDateTime fin,qint64 v,qint64 sDepart,qint64 sRetour);
bool tentePlusieursReservations(QDateTime debut,QDateTime fin,qint64 v,qint64 sDepart,qint64 sRetour, int nb);
void ajouteReservationAuHasard(QDateTime now);
void ajouteNotePersonnelleAuHasard(QDateTime now);
public slots:
void updateTime(QDateTime now);
QDateTime last; // derniere fois qu'on a recu un updateTime()
// les modeles pour faire plein d'operations
ReservationModel *rmodel;
VehiculeModel* vmodel;
StationModel* smodel;
UsagerModel* umodel;
NoteModel* nmodel;
Usager* admin;
ReservationProxyModel* proxy;
#endif // ROBOT_H
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