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macro_win `main.exe'

Click / Keystroke Macro Program (Windows)

Use (Quickstart)

A compiled binary of the latest version of the code is available at build/main.exe. main.exe and the default.macro file in the same directory may be downloaded and run as is.

The default.macro file outlines the behavior of the macro program. The sample macro file is reproduced immedaitely below.

# Number of repeats
# Commands in form:
# OPR (ARG1) (ARG2) [trailing space]
PAU 0.2 
CLK 0 
MOV 10 20 
TYP hello world 
POS 0 
MOV 200 340 

The first 5 lines must be in the format shown. REPEATS indicates the number of times to repeat the full set of macro steps starting on line 6. WAIT indicates the number of seconds to delay execution of the macro when the program is first run. Lines 6 list the macro steps.

Valid commands are:

  • PAU sec - Pauses the program for "sec" seconds
  • MOV x y - Moves the mouse to (x,y)
  • CLK btn - Clicks the mouse button corresponding to btn: 0-left 1-right
  • POS del - Reports the position of the mouse every "del" seconds or once if del=0
  • TYP string - Types the given string on the keyboard

Each macro command line (with the exception of TYP) must have a space character following the last argument. The full file must end in a new line character.

The -m flag may be added after calling main.exe as in

main.exe -m name.macro

to run a macro script with a different name. In this way, multiple macros may be saved and run at any time.

A help page may be printed to the terminal by appending the -h flag to main.exe as in

main.exe -h

Building from Source

The main.exe program may be compiled by source; all necessary files have been included in this repository in the root directory.

The following files should be included:

  • io.hpp (file input library)
  • keyboard_w32.hpp (win32 keyboard event library)
  • mouse_w32.hpp (win32 mouse event library)
  • mstep.hpp (class definition for macro step)
  • (main program)

The code was developed using Bloodshed Dev-C++ version, released under the GNU General Public License version 2.


  • No dynamic text/mouse positions
  • Not all keyboard characters are supported at this time
  • No up/down click "drag" feature
  • No backspace/delete key functionality