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There are two main pieces of the Android Wireless Monitor (AWMon):

  1. Core: A series of Android-ported libraries, a modified kernel, and modified firmware to support low-level access to wireless devices.
  2. Application: An Android app and framework which utilizes the core system and libraries to perform monitoring tasks.

Checkout the Repository

Before anything else, checkout the Android WMon code using git. Keep in mind your local path to android-wmon.

git clone git@github.com:gnychis/android-wmon.git

Your Phone

Given that our research project is a prototype, it requires a rooted Galaxy Nexus phone. In particular, it uses a custom kernel on Android 4.1.1.

Building the Application

  1. Installing Eclipse and Integrating Android SDK

  2. Importing the AWMon App in Eclipse

Building the Core

This will describe how to build each component of the AWMon core system. This is unnecessary unless you want to make changes to underlying libraries, the kernel, wireshark support, or ZigBee firmware.

  1. Getting the Code
  2. Setting Up Your Environment
  3. Building and Installing Ported Dependencies
  4. Building the various components of the AWMon core: