A plugin to play Starcraft 2 casts from sc2casts.com in XBMC , probably broken, try https://github.com/hackebeil/xbmc-plugin-sc2casts instead
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This is broken, please see https://github.com/hackebeil/xbmc-plugin-sc2casts for a working version.

Whats This?

A plugin to watch videos from SC2Casts using XBMC

Download zip file (Note! If you are using Safari, hold the alt button when downloading to prevent Safari from automatically extracting the zip file!). Upload it to your XBMC and install it.

Who made this?
Kristoffer Petersson made it and published it on Google Code ( http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-plugin-sc2casts/ ), Phek (on xbmc.org) proveded a fix to a script error and G Nyman just put everything together and uploaded it to github.  Bsdfish changed a few lines to make it use the youtube plugin for viewing the actual videos.