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This is not a web framework. It generates a skeleton web project for you to kick-ass.

Feel free to use or rip-out any of its parts.

NOTE: Due to lack of Windows machine, at the moment, PostgreSQL template is not working on Windows.


  1. PostgreSQL or MySQL if you choose to use a database.

  2. Go programming language, version 1.3.x or newer.

  3. Ensure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH. Example: PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin


  1. go get

  2. $GOPATH/bin/go-bootstrap -dir{git-user}/{project-name} -template {core|postgresql|mysql}

  3. Start using it: cd $GOPATH/src/{git-user}/{project-name} && go run main.go

PostgreSQL Environment Variables

If you have PGUSER, PGPASSWORD, PGHOST, PGPORT, PGSSLMODE environment variables set, they will be used to generate and bootstrap the database.

Decisions Made for You

This generator makes A LOT of decisions for you. Here's the list of things it uses for your project:

  1. There are 3 templates to choose from:

    • Core: If you don't want a database.

    • PostgreSQL.

    • MySQL.

  2. bcrypt is chosen as the password hasher.

  3. Bootstrap Flatly is chosen for the UI theme.

  4. Session is stored inside encrypted cookie.

  5. Static directory is located under /static.

  6. Model directory is located under /models.

  7. It does not use a full blown ORM.

  8. Test database is automatically created under $GO_BOOTSTRAP_PROJECT_NAME-test.

  9. A minimal Dockerfile is provided.

  10. A minimal Vagrantfile is provided.

  11. is chosen to connect to a database.

  12. is chosen for a lot of the HTTP plumbings.

  13. is chosen as the middleware library.

  14. is chosen to enable graceful shutdown.

  15. is chosen as the database migration and management tool for PostgreSQL.

  16. is chosen as the database migration and management tool for MySQL.

  17. is chosen as the logging library.

  18. is chosen to manage application config.