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package main
import (
type device struct {
Limit int `json:"Limit"`
Value int `json:"Value"`
type metadata struct {
SystemID int `json:"SystemID,omitempty"`
FileID string `json:"FileID,omitempty"`
SubModule string `json:"SubModule,omitempty"`
type input struct {
ID int `json:"id"`
Payload []struct {
Result struct {
Metadata *metadata `json:"Metadata,omitempty"`
PowerAndEnergy struct {
BiochemicalConversion device `json:"Biochemical Conversion"`
EnergyStorage device `json:"Energy Storage"`
MHDAndRelatedConversion device `json:"MHD and Related Conversion"`
NuclearConversion device `json:"Nuclear Conversion"`
PhotovoltaicConversion device `json:"Photovoltaic Conversion"`
PowerManagementAndDistribution device `json:"Power Management and Distribution"`
RenewableEnergy device `json:"Renewable Energy"`
ThermodynamicConversion device `json:"Thermodynamic Conversion"`
ThermoelectricConversion device `json:"Thermoelectric Conversion"`
WirelessDistribution device `json:"Wireless Distribution"`
} `json:"Power and Energy"`
Propulsion struct {
Aerobrake device `json:"Aerobrake"`
AircraftEngines device `json:"Aircraft Engines"`
BeamedEnergy device `json:"Beamed Energy"`
Chemical device `json:"Chemical"`
ElectromagneticThrusters device `json:"Electromagnetic Thrusters"`
ElectrostaticThrusters device `json:"Electrostatic Thrusters"`
FeedSystemComponents device `json:"Feed System Components"`
FundamentalPropulsionPhysics device `json:"Fundamental Propulsion Physics"`
HighEnergyPropellants device `json:"High Energy Propellants"`
LaunchAssist device `json:"Launch Assist"`
MHD device `json:"MHD"`
MicroThrusters device `json:"Micro Thrusters"`
Monopropellants device `json:"Monopropellants"`
Nuclear device `json:"Nuclear"`
PropellantStorage device `json:"Propellant Storage"`
Solar device `json:"Solar"`
} `json:"Propulsion"`
Robotics struct {
HumanRoboticInterfaces device `json:"Human-Robotic Interfaces"`
IntegratedRoboticConceptsAndSystems device `json:"Integrated Robotic Concepts and Systems"`
Intelligence device `json:"Intelligence"`
Manipulation device `json:"Manipulation"`
Mobility device `json:"Mobility"`
Perception device `json:"Perception"`
Teleoperation device `json:"Teleoperation"`
} `json:"Robotics"`
SensorsAndSources struct {
Biochemical device `json:"Biochemical"`
Gravitational device `json:"Gravitational"`
HighEnergy device `json:"High-Energy"`
LargeAntennasAndTelescopes device `json:"Large Antennas and Telescopes"`
Microwave device `json:"Microwave"`
Optical device `json:"Optical"`
ParticleAndFields device `json:"Particle and Fields"`
} `json:"Sensors and Sources"`
Structures struct {
Airframe device `json:"Airframe"`
Airlocks device `json:"Airlocks"`
ControlsStructuresInteraction device `json:"Controls-Structures Interaction"`
} `json:"Structures"`
AvionicsAndAstrionics struct {
AirportInfrastructureAndSafety device `json:"Airport Infrastructure and Safety"`
AttitudeDeterminationAndControl device `json:"Attitude Determination and Control"`
Guidance device `json:"Guidance"`
OnBoardComputingAndDataManagement device `json:"On-Board Computing and Data Management"`
PilotSupportSystems device `json:"Pilot Support Systems"`
SpaceportInfrastructureAndSafety device `json:"Spaceport Infrastructure and Safety"`
Telemetry device `json:"Telemetry"`
} `json:"Avionics and Astrionics"`
BioTechnology struct {
AirRevitalizationAndConditioning device `json:"Air Revitalization and Conditioning"`
BiomassProductionAndStorage device `json:"Biomass Production and Storage"`
BiomolecularSensors device `json:"Biomolecular Sensors"`
} `json:"Bio-Technology"`
} `json:"result"`
} `json:"payload"`
func main() {
data, err := ioutil.ReadFile("../payload.json")
if err != nil {
payload := input{}
err = json.Unmarshal(data, &payload)
if err != nil {
//fmt.Printf("payload %#v\n", payload)
payload.Payload[0].Result.Metadata = nil // se metadata é um ponteido
//payload.Payload[0].Result.Metadata = metadata{} // se metadata NÃO é um ponteido
b, err := json.MarshalIndent(payload, "", "\t")
if err != nil {