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A small utility that looks for package in your GOPATH and returns the full path to the package directory.

The problem and the solution

All my projects are in GOPATH and I got tired of typing cd and the full path to the package/software directory.

So I created this little utility that looks in GOPATH and returns the full path to the project, so I can create an alias to change to the project directory and also can search by the project by name, etc.


go get

Example of use

Displays full path to the project

Search for the project in GOPATH and displays the full path type lpk project where project is the name of the package or software you are looking for. By default, lpk stops searching after it encounters the first occurrence.

lpk project 

To list all project occurrences use the parameter -list with "all" string

lpk -list=all project

This command will list all the project occurrences including those found in the vendor directly, to ignore the vendor add skipvendor to the -list parameter

lpk -list=all,skipvendor project


Changes to the project directory automatically

cd $(lpk project)

Set up an alias for the cd and jump straight to your project directory. Example, let's say you want to create an alias to jump directly to the project directory. Just change project by project name in your GOPATH

alias aliasname="cd $(lpk project)"

Another tip, if you are using macOS the following command creates an alias to open the Finder in the project directory. Remember to change the word project by the name of your project in GOPATH

alias aliasname="open $(lpk project)"


  • Fork the repo on GitHub
  • Clone the project to your own machine
  • Create a branch with your modifications git checkout -b fantastic-feature.
  • Then commit your changes git commit -m 'Implementation of new fantastic feature'
  • Make a push to your branch git push origin fantastic-feature.
  • Submit a Pull Request so that we can review your changes