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// Package chi is a small, idiomatic and composable router for building HTTP services.
// chi requires Go 1.7 or newer.
// Example:
// package main
// import (
// "net/http"
// ""
// ""
// )
// func main() {
// r := chi.NewRouter()
// r.Use(middleware.Logger)
// r.Use(middleware.Recoverer)
// r.Get("/", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
// w.Write([]byte("root."))
// })
// http.ListenAndServe(":3333", r)
// }
// See for more in-depth examples.
// URL patterns allow for easy matching of path components in HTTP
// requests. The matching components can then be accessed using
// chi.URLParam(). All patterns must begin with a slash.
// A simple named placeholder {name} matches any sequence of characters
// up to the next / or the end of the URL. Trailing slashes on paths must
// be handled explicitly.
// A placeholder with a name followed by a colon allows a regular
// expression match, for example {number:\\d+}. The regular expression
// syntax is Go's normal regexp RE2 syntax, except that regular expressions
// including { or } are not supported, and / will never be
// matched. An anonymous regexp pattern is allowed, using an empty string
// before the colon in the placeholder, such as {:\\d+}
// The special placeholder of asterisk matches the rest of the requested
// URL. Any trailing characters in the pattern are ignored. This is the only
// placeholder which will match / characters.
// Examples:
// "/user/{name}" matches "/user/jsmith" but not "/user/jsmith/info" or "/user/jsmith/"
// "/user/{name}/info" matches "/user/jsmith/info"
// "/page/*" matches "/page/intro/latest"
// "/page/*/index" also matches "/page/intro/latest"
// "/date/{yyyy:\\d\\d\\d\\d}/{mm:\\d\\d}/{dd:\\d\\d}" matches "/date/2017/04/01"
package chi
import "net/http"
// NewRouter returns a new Mux object that implements the Router interface.
func NewRouter() *Mux {
return NewMux()
// Router consisting of the core routing methods used by chi's Mux,
// using only the standard net/http.
type Router interface {
// Use appends one or more middlewares onto the Router stack.
Use(middlewares ...func(http.Handler) http.Handler)
// With adds inline middlewares for an endpoint handler.
With(middlewares ...func(http.Handler) http.Handler) Router
// Group adds a new inline-Router along the current routing
// path, with a fresh middleware stack for the inline-Router.
Group(fn func(r Router)) Router
// Route mounts a sub-Router along a `pattern`` string.
Route(pattern string, fn func(r Router)) Router
// Mount attaches another http.Handler along ./pattern/*
Mount(pattern string, h http.Handler)
// Handle and HandleFunc adds routes for `pattern` that matches
// all HTTP methods.
Handle(pattern string, h http.Handler)
HandleFunc(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
// Method and MethodFunc adds routes for `pattern` that matches
// the `method` HTTP method.
Method(method, pattern string, h http.Handler)
MethodFunc(method, pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
// HTTP-method routing along `pattern`
Connect(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Delete(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Get(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Head(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Options(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Patch(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Post(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Put(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
Trace(pattern string, h http.HandlerFunc)
// NotFound defines a handler to respond whenever a route could
// not be found.
NotFound(h http.HandlerFunc)
// MethodNotAllowed defines a handler to respond whenever a method is
// not allowed.
MethodNotAllowed(h http.HandlerFunc)
// Routes interface adds two methods for router traversal, which is also
// used by the `docgen` subpackage to generation documentation for Routers.
type Routes interface {
// Routes returns the routing tree in an easily traversable structure.
Routes() []Route
// Middlewares returns the list of middlewares in use by the router.
Middlewares() Middlewares
// Match searches the routing tree for a handler that matches
// the method/path - similar to routing a http request, but without
// executing the handler thereafter.
Match(rctx *Context, method, path string) bool
// Middlewares type is a slice of standard middleware handlers with methods
// to compose middleware chains and http.Handler's.
type Middlewares []func(http.Handler) http.Handler
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