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easily manage HTTP request / response payloads of Go HTTP services
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The render package helps manage HTTP request / response payloads.

Every well-designed, robust and maintainable Web Service / REST API also needs well-defined request and response payloads. Together with the endpoint handlers, the request and response payloads make up the contract between your server and the clients calling on it.

Typically in a REST API application, you will have your data models (objects/structs) that hold lower-level runtime application state, and at times you need to assemble, decorate, hide or transform the representation before responding to a client. That server output (response payload) structure, is also likely the input structure to another handler on the server.

This is where render comes in - offering a few simple helpers and interfaces to provide a simple pattern for managing payload encoding and decoding.

We've also combined it with some helpers for responding to content types and parsing request bodies. Please have a look at the rest example which uses the latest chi/render sub-pkg.

All feedback is welcome, thank you!

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