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* Make logging more consistent
* Have a mode to output the final yaml after templating and then exit (dry-run?)
* Documentation of all actions and overall concepts!
* Tests, individual actions are mostly testable..
* Support having devices as image files (fakemachine should handle it ok)
* Create a standard docker image with debos to push to docker hub for easy
image creation
* Template function to include other files
* Dependency system between recipes ?
* Warn on unknown yaml fields?
* New actions:
** Create a manifest from install debian packages
** Install all dbgsym packages for a given rootfs
** Install all dev package for installed libraries
** Generalize the ostree conversion into an action?
** Ostree checkout for incremental fast updates?
** Action to get remote content which can be copied in
*** Download tarball from http and unpack (same content)
*** Download git tree (e.g. to get rpi firmware)
*** Download .deb (e.g. u-boot to raw write rather then install)
* Check what triggers ostree changes and try to minimize those
* Control passwd & group contents as that can be problematic with ostree
* Rewrite debootstrap in pure go to add a bunch of smarts (e.g. parallel
downloads, local caching etc)
* Rewrite pack/unpack in pure go and support more formats
* Make actions using (host) commands check their existance early
* Ensure we copy xattrs?
* Fix race in qemu-helper (if qemu-user-static gets installed in the system
chroot things will get confused)
* Do shell compatible parsing of script: argument to run actions and
environment substitution
* Support gpg signing ostree commits