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Complete ActivityStreams-based ontologies plus middleware handlers implementing ActivityPub

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go get

This repository contains two libraries and a tool:

  • astool: A linked-data aware tool to generate golang native types for any ActivityStreams vocabulary.
  • streams: The ActivityStreams native types generated with the astool.
  • pub: ActivityPub Social Protocol (Client-to-Server or C2S) and Federating Protocol (Server-to-Server or S2S)

Check out for tutorials and documentation.


1.0.0 (Semantic Versioning)

This library has been successfully used to federate since May 17, 2019.

An official implementation report was last submitted for version 0.2.0 here. Unfortunately, the official implementation report tool is no longer maintained. Previous unofficial implementation reports are available in issue #46.

Please see CHANGELOG for changes between versions.

Getting Started

Check out for tutorials and documentation.

Also, see astool, streams, or pub for their own README.


What vocabularies are supported?

How well tested are these libraries?

I took great care to add numerous tests using examples directly from specifications, official test repositories, and my own end-to-end tests.

v1.0.0 has around 200 unit tests. The federation or S2S portion of the library is very well tested. The social or C2S portion could use additional unit tests, but is far less popular than federation. About 70% of the lines are covered by unit tests.

Who is using this library currently?

Note: This list only includes those who have reached out to me to explicitly be included.

Application Description Repository Point Of Contact Homepage
Anancus Self-hosted and federated social link aggregation or N/A
WriteFreely Simple, open-source, privacy-focused blogging platform or Long-form reader built on open protocols or
go-fed/apcore Generic ActivityPub server framework in Go or

How do I use these libraries?

Check out for tutorials and documentation.

Please see each subdirectory for its own README for further elaboration.

How can I get help, file issues, or contribute?

Please see the file!

Useful References


I would like to thank those that have worked hard to create the technologies and standards that created the opportunity to implement this suite of libraries.

Thanks to those who have been early adopters with v0 and/or provided early feedback.