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package flutter
import (
// TODO: move type Plugin into package plugin?
// Plugin defines the interface that each plugin must implement.
// When InitPlugin is called, the plugin may execute setup operations.
// The BinaryMessenger is passed to allow the plugin to register channels.
// A plugin may optionally implement PluginGLFW.
type Plugin interface {
// InitPlugin is called during the startup of the flutter application. The
// plugin is responsible for setting up channels using the BinaryMessenger.
// If an error is returned it is printend the application is stopped.
InitPlugin(messenger plugin.BinaryMessenger) error
// PluginGLFW defines the interface for plugins that are GLFW-aware. Plugins may
// implement this interface to receive access to the *glfw.Window. Note that
// plugins must still implement the Plugin interface. The call to InitPluginGLFW
// is made afther the call to InitPlugin.
// PluginGLFW is separated because not all plugins need to know about glfw,
// Adding glfw.Window to the InitPlugin call would add glfw as dependency to
// every plugin implementation. Also, this helps in a scenarion where glfw is
// moved into a separate renderer/glfw package.
// The PluginGLFW interface is not stable and may change at any time.
type PluginGLFW interface {
// Any type inmplementing PluginGLFW must also implement Plugin.
// InitPluginGLFW is called after the call to InitPlugin. When an error is
// returned it is printend the application is stopped.
InitPluginGLFW(window *glfw.Window) error
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