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Build toolchain and task runner for Go


Gilbert is task runner that aims to provide declarative way to define and run tasks like in other projects like Gradle, Maven and etc.

All tasks are declared in gilbert file (gilbert.yaml). Example of the file you can find here.

Full list of features:

  • Tasks
  • Actions
    • Built-in most necessary actions
      • Track file changes and re-run task on change
      • Check project test coverage with specified threshold
      • Build project
    • Plugins for custom actions

Read documentation and sample project for more information.


All release binaries are available on the releases page.

Linux, macOS and FreeBSD

curl | sh



Invoke-Expression (Invoke-Webrequest '' -UseBasicParsing).Content

Note: You should run Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass in PowerShell to be able to execute installation script.

Some features, like plugins are not available on Windows. We recommend to use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for full experience.


Please check out quick start guide.