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# Specific variables

This is an inventory of Gitea environment variables. They change Gitea behaviour.

Initialize them before Gitea command to be effective, for example:

GITEA_CUSTOM=/home/gitea/custom ./gitea web

## From Go language

As Gitea is written in Go, it uses some Go variables as:

* `GOOS`

For `GOPATH`, check [official documentation about GOPATH environment variable](

For others, check [official documentation about variables used when it runs the generator](

## Gitea files

* `GITEA_WORK_DIR`: Gitea absolute path of work directory.
* `GITEA_CUSTOM`: Gitea uses `GITEA_WORK_DIR`/custom folder by default. Use this variable to change *custom* directory.
* `GOGS_WORK_DIR`: Deprecated, use `GITEA_WORK_DIR`
* `GOGS_CUSTOM`: Deprecated, use `GITEA_CUSTOM`

## Operating system specifics

* `USER`: system user that launch Gitea. Useful for repository URL address on Gitea interface
* `USERNAME`: if no USER found, Gitea will try `USERNAME`
* `HOME`: User home directory path (**except if** you're running on Windows, check the following `USERPROFILE` variable)

### Only on Windows

* `USERPROFILE`: User home directory path. If empty, uses `HOMEDRIVE` + `HOMEPATH`
* `HOMEDRIVE`: Main drive path you will use to get home directory
* `HOMEPATH`: Home relative path in the given home drive path

## Macaron (framework used by Gitea)

* `HOST`: Host Macaron will listen on
* `PORT`: Port Macaron will listen on
* `MACARON_ENV`: global variable to provide special functionality for development environments vs production environments. If MACARON_ENV is set to "" or "development" then templates will be recompiled on every request. For more performance, set the MACARON_ENV environment variable to "production".

## Miscellaneous

* `SKIP_MINWINSVC`: Do not run as a service on Windows if set to 1
* `ZOOKEEPER_PATH`: [Zookeeper]( jar file path

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