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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package migrations
import (
var (
_ base.Downloader = &PlainGitDownloader{}
// PlainGitDownloader implements a Downloader interface to clone git from a http/https URL
type PlainGitDownloader struct {
ownerName string
repoName string
remoteURL string
// NewPlainGitDownloader creates a git Downloader
func NewPlainGitDownloader(ownerName, repoName, remoteURL string) *PlainGitDownloader {
return &PlainGitDownloader{
ownerName: ownerName,
repoName: repoName,
remoteURL: remoteURL,
// GetRepoInfo returns a repository information
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetRepoInfo() (*base.Repository, error) {
// convert github repo to stand Repo
return &base.Repository{
Owner: g.ownerName,
Name: g.repoName,
CloneURL: g.remoteURL,
}, nil
// GetTopics returns empty list for plain git repo
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetTopics() ([]string, error) {
return []string{}, nil
// GetMilestones returns milestones
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetMilestones() ([]*base.Milestone, error) {
return nil, ErrNotSupported
// GetLabels returns labels
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetLabels() ([]*base.Label, error) {
return nil, ErrNotSupported
// GetReleases returns releases
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetReleases() ([]*base.Release, error) {
return nil, ErrNotSupported
// GetIssues returns issues according page and perPage
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetIssues(page, perPage int) ([]*base.Issue, bool, error) {
return nil, false, ErrNotSupported
// GetComments returns comments according issueNumber
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetComments(issueNumber int64) ([]*base.Comment, error) {
return nil, ErrNotSupported
// GetPullRequests returns pull requests according page and perPage
func (g *PlainGitDownloader) GetPullRequests(start, limit int) ([]*base.PullRequest, error) {
return nil, ErrNotSupported
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