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// Copyright 2018 The go-hep Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package groot
//go:generate go run ./gen.rvers.go
//go:generate go run ./gen.rcont.go
//go:generate go run ./gen.rhist.go
//go:generate go run ./gen.rtree.go
import (
_ ""
const (
Version = root.Version // ROOT version hep/groot implements
// Open opens the named ROOT file for reading. If successful, methods on the
// returned file can be used for reading; the associated file descriptor
// has mode os.O_RDONLY.
func Open(path string) (*File, error) {
return riofs.Open(path)
// NewReader creates a new ROOT file reader.
func NewReader(r Reader) (*File, error) {
return riofs.NewReader(r)
// Create creates the named ROOT file for writing.
func Create(name string, opts ...FileOption) (*File, error) {
return riofs.Create(name, opts...)
type (
File = riofs.File
FileOption = riofs.FileOption
Reader = riofs.Reader
// Object represents a ROOT object
type Object interface {
// Class returns the ROOT class of this object
Class() string
// Named represents a ROOT TNamed object
type Named interface {
// Name returns the name of this ROOT object
Name() string
// Title returns the title of this ROOT object
Title() string
// Collection is a collection of ROOT Objects.
type Collection interface {
// Name returns the name of the collection.
Name() string
// Last returns the last element index
Last() int
// At returns the element at index i
At(i int) Object
// Len returns the number of elements in the collection
Len() int
// SeqCollection is a sequential collection of ROOT Objects.
type SeqCollection interface {
// List is a list of ROOT Objects.
type List interface {
// ObjArray is an array of ROOT Objects.
type ObjArray interface {
LowerBound() int
// Array describes ROOT abstract array type.
type Array interface {
Len() int // number of array elements
Get(i int) interface{}
Set(i int, v interface{})
// ObjString is a ROOT string that implements ROOT TObject.
type ObjString interface {
Name() string
String() string
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