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// Copyright 2017 The go-hep Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package hepmc
import (
// MomentumUnit describes the units of momentum quantities (MeV or GeV)
type MomentumUnit int
// LengthUnit describes the units of length quantities (mm or cm)
type LengthUnit int
const (
// MEV is a Momentum in MeV (default)
MEV MomentumUnit = iota
// GEV is a Momentum in GeV
const (
// MM is a Length in mm (default)
MM LengthUnit = iota
// CM is a Length in cm
func (mu MomentumUnit) String() string {
switch mu {
case MEV:
return "MEV"
case GEV:
return "GEV"
err := fmt.Errorf("hepmc.units: invalid MomentumUnit value (%d)", int(mu))
// MomentumUnitFromString creates a MomentumUnit value from its string representation
func MomentumUnitFromString(s string) (MomentumUnit, error) {
switch s {
case "MEV":
return MEV, nil
case "GEV":
return GEV, nil
err := fmt.Errorf("hepmc.units: invalid MomentumUnit string-value (%s)", s)
return -1, err
func (lu LengthUnit) String() string {
switch lu {
case MM:
return "MM"
case CM:
return "CM"
err := fmt.Errorf("hepmc.units: invalid LengthUnit value (%d)", int(lu))
// LengthUnitFromString creates a LengthUnit value from its string representation
func LengthUnitFromString(s string) (LengthUnit, error) {
switch s {
case "MM":
return MM, nil
case "CM":
return CM, nil
err := fmt.Errorf("hepmc.units: invalid LengthUnit string-value (%s)", s)
return -1, err
// EOF